Are You Looking At Your Business Like a Buyer?

Whether you are looking to increase profitability, expand your operations or position your company for an exit or ownership transition you need to work on your business and not in your business.  At CXO, we provide companies with the experience and objectivity to solve complex problems, make tough decisions and position themselves for long-term success.

Check Out Some Testimonials

I have had the pleasure of working with Tom over the past 15 years from our start up hurdles through expansion and the maturing of my business. He brings a wide range of experience and relationships in a number of disciplines and has assisted Novavine in evaluating and executing almost every major strategic business decision. Tom has helped foster and build banking and accounting relationships, been instrumental in the evaluation of new opportunities, overseen the creation of partnerships and multiple business agreements and created forecasting and financial models to track and predict profitability. Most refreshing to me is that Tom’s advice is predicated on his own business experience where he has worked through similar situations and truly understands the intricacies and pressures of running/owning a business.

Jay Jensen - CEONovavine

Sometimes we have words that are on the tip of our tongue. Something similar is true for many entrepreneurs; we have business ideas that have stewed in ourselves for months or even years that we haven’t quite figured out how to actualize. Tom Hakel is expert at bringing entrepreneurs’ ideas to life. In my case, he actualized the financial roadmap that allowed me to turn a one location “side business” into a market leader that’s now 4x in revenue and 10x in value. Tom outlined our financial plan to investors allowing them to confidently pour millions of dollars into my business in a way I could not have done without him. Now that we are funded, Tom keeps on plan and on budget; all in plain sight of our investor pool.

Lawrence V AmaturoJim Bone Auto Group - Amaturo Sonoma Media Group - Santa Rosa Avenue Partners - Splash Express Car Wash

Business Health Check-up

Getting expert advice when and where you need it is hard to find. We provide not only the plan but also take action to make sure business owners get their desired outcome. Below is a list of what a check-up includes. You can do a full check-up or any specific area that is of immediate need in your business.

Financial Review

Comprehensive analytical and performance review that identifies key business drivers, trends and risks as well as opportunities for profitability improvement.

Competitive Analysis

Overall assessment of the short-term and long-term business risks from the perspective of a buyer. Includes assessment of market protections and potential barriers.

Key Personnel Assessment

Independent assessment of key personnel and value/hindrance to the business. Typically focused on CXO level employees and key income producers and includes ideas for long-term inclusion and incentives.

Key Partners

Objective assessment of critical vendors/partners in your business, including suppliers, distributors and service providers (insurance, accountant and banks). Recommendations include risk assessment and areas for financial and business improvements.


Lead strategy sessions with ownership/key management to identify growth and expansion strategies as well as helping to solve any potential impediments such as capital and financing needs. As opposed to “talking” about the strategy, we help make it an operational reality.

Outcome (End Game Goal)

Perhaps the most important component of the Health Checkup – answering the question of “why”. Financial stability, long-term family business with transition or future company sale. We ensure that all paths lead to the outcome!